Daily Scrum

Agile Scrum Buddy

Description Want to make sure your Daily Scrums stay on track? Members of staff talking for too long? Agile Scrum Buddy allows you to time ... Read More »

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scrum guide

Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is a 15-minute time-boxed event for the Development Team to synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours. This is do... Read More »

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Jeff Sutherland on Daily Meetings

What is the purpose of the Scrum daily meeting? Jeff Sutherland, CEO of Scrum, Inc. and Senior Advisor to OpenView Venture Partners, discusses the bas... Read More »

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Scrum Training Stand up meetings

It’s Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Standup Meetings

Learn about the importance of a daily meeting and how Scrum practitioners use these meetings to keep the team organized and focused on the project... Read More »

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5 Ways to Improve Daily Scrum Meetings

A daily scrum meeting is a fantastic way to get your team together and promote communication and if done correctly it takes about the same amount of... Read More »

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